Monday, October 11, 2010

Miss Springfield Tippe Emmott and Miss Branson Sydney Friar 2011

It's official Tippe Emmott is Miss Springfield 2011 and Sydney Friar Miss Branson 2011
Stay tuned for updates as Tippe and Sydney start their year off.

Miss Springfield and Miss Branson pageant started off with Glitz and Glam. As the house lights were brought up 13 beautiful ladies opened up the show as the competing contestants wore black cocktail dresses and all the reigning Queens and Teens wore hot pink cocktail dresses, accessorised with hot pink boa's. As the evening progressed all contestants competed in four different phases starting out with an on-stage question, followed by fitness in swimwear, talents and evening gown. Private interviews had taken place earlier in the day.
When the final ballots were tallied 1st Runner up was a new comer to the pageant stage Emily Woods who performed her own rendition to a song by Santana. Miss Branson went to veteran Sydney Friar who performed her vocal talent Give them something to talk about. Miss Friar who was 3rd Runner Up at the Miss Missouri pageant this past June and won a prelim talent award with that very song. Miss Springfield went to Tippe Emmot who performed a ballet en pointe to Let me Fall. Tippe is no stranger to performing on stage whether it be performing or competing on the pageant stage. Tippe was a top 10 finalist and prelim fitness in swimwear winner at the Miss Missouri pageant this past June.
Other contestants competing were Lauren Alumbaugh, Tricia Hurt, Jessica Mejia,Victoria Morein, Emily Wicks.

Miss Springfield, Miss Branson, Miss Queen City Pageant